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Don't Let Soaring Feed Costs Hurt
Your Farming Business

Embrace a Sustainable, Cost-Cutting Solution with Bempet Organic Farm.

The Problem

In a world where commercial feed costs are going sky-high out of control, we’re offering a path forward.

a farmer looking worried and holding a bill or invoice due to the high cost of livestock feeds
The Solution

Meet the Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSF), your ticket to a more sustainable, profitable farming future.

Imagine a world where you can cut your feed expenses by half (50%), while generating a rich protein source and organic fertilizer, all from simple organic waste.

This is the potential of Black Soldier Fly Larva.

Bringing the Power of BSF to Your Farm

Bempet Organic Farm is committed to bringing Black Soldier Fly facilities directly to commercial farmers.

We’re here to set up these facilities at your location and provide on-the-spot training on the best management practices.

Completed BSF Facility
That's Not All...

We’re also on a quest to train one million small-scale farmers through our detailed and easy-to-follow video courses, giving you the tools to manage your own BSF facility independently.

Whether you’re involved in aquaculture, poultry, piggery, or are an ambitious entrepreneur seeking innovative business opportunities, our training is tailored to you.

Join the BSF Farming Revolution

Step into the future of sustainable livestock feed. Experience firsthand the transformative power of Black Soldier Fly Larva on your farming business. Don’t miss out – our FREE training is just a click away.

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